Southern Crossroads – Culpeper Star Review

With only a few weeks to go in our run of Southern Crossroads, we’re still getting some new reviews.  Our latest from Maggie Lawrence at the Culpeper Star is glowing.  A few snips:

Old songs, new hope, good show at Wayside | Culpeper Star-Exponent

Playing through the middle of March is Warner Crocker and Steve Przybylski’s original script, heavy on the bluegrass and just the right, light touch on the story, “Southern Crossroads…”

These actors really are musicians and their renditions of “Times Are Gettin’ Hard, Boys,” “Cripple Creek” and “Worried Man Blues,” just to name a few, are worth the trip up the valley all by themselves. Just enough story emerges to give continuity to the songs and a familiar, likeable take on the Greene family…

True to an understanding of what audiences want — especially now — the story concludes on an up note; knots are tied and the circle is unbroken. Let us hope that the reality haunting this lovely piece of make-believe will do the same. [full review]

Yay to that.


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