Cotton Patch – Off The Score And On The Stage

Our tech crew at Wayside is fantastic.  Less than 24 hours after the last note of Southern Crossroads was played, the set for Cotton Patch Gospel was almost completely in place.  We were blocking on stage yesterday – earlier than expected.

Our rehearsal period for this show is only 2 weeks, so we have to work fast.  So far we’re all holding our own pretty well up there.  It would be a mess having to carry around scores while we’re trying to find our place on stage.  Sure we had hiccups, but we were actually making music up there.

Good thing, because at this time next week, we will have already opened.

So today, a day off to work some music, prepare a headshot mailing and clean out a car.  Tomorrow the rush to the finish line (or maybe the starting line) begins.


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