Cotton Patch – Getting To That Point

We’ve reached that point in rehearsal for Cotton Patch Gospel where we alllllmost have our music learned.

We’re really not in bad shape at all.  Ray Ficca, our storyteller (who has…you know…all the words) is doing extraordinary work.  And for our part, the band came to the stage completely off score.  Yay us.

But yesterday’s rehearsal was not without its musical clunks.  As we start to cram stage directions into our heads, the road map of the songs sometimes just goes away.   We did some great work in the music rehearsals and it is frustrating to see that go away.

But that’s what always happens, and it’s kind of ok.  It’s part of the schedule. We’ve all played together before and I know we’ll get it.   It’s just that I want to hear the pretty music NOW.  Is that so wrong?


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