Six Years Ago Today

Today marks a couple of 6-year Anniversaries.

One of them is terrible.  Six years ago today we began military operations in Iraq.  Still no end in sight.

The other anniversary is personal and quite a bit more pleasant.  Six years ago in 2003 I arrived in Virginia to begin rehearsals on my very first show at Wayside Theatre.

That show was Cotton Patch Gospel.

At the time I had no idea that that one show would turn into twenty-four.  And that I would eventually live in the Shenandoah Valley.  And that I would own a pair of cowboy boots.  And say y’all without irony.

The people that I met here became family and the beauty of the area became part of my everyday life.  I’ve felt very fortunate to have had this time here in Northern Virginia.

So now, we’re doing Cotton Patch Gospel again.  The show is the same, but I sure feel different.  My fiddle and mandolin skills are 6-years stronger and, yes, my beard is 6-years grayer!

But it is great to bring the Wayside years around full circle.


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