Cotton Patch – Leaps

cotton_patch_signThe last two days have brought some tremendous progress to our upcoming production of Cotton Patch Gospel. We took some wonderful leaps forward on stage.  (Not literally. The stage is small so if we took too many leaps forward we would be in the third row.)

But I digress.

The relationship between the band and the storyteller is starting to form very nicely.  We’re all a very playful bunch and as the music becomes second nature, we form a nice brotherhood up there.

We have started to become a band.  Two days ago we were struggling.  We were trying to process too much new information all at once and it turned everything we did into a beige haze.  After our tech on Thursday and a very welcome invited crowd on Friday, we were starting to find our attitude.  The songs had more fire, precision and personality.  It was fun again.

Ray Ficca as the storyteller continues to find new levels.  Again, he was already brilliant in the 2003 production.  It is a joy to see how his interpretation has become deeper and richer in the past six years.

The tech crew, as always, has done phenomenal work creating the environment of the play.  The script calls for a “non-commercial” look to the proceedings, and they have managed to create a simple, beautiful look that is best described as burlap Zen.

Today, a few hours from now, we have our first preview audienc.  We still have some steps to take, but we are ready for people.

Sho’ Nuff it’s gonna be a show.

[photo: Warner Crocker]

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