Cotton Patch – All Open

Cotton Patch Gospel - Fishing

Cotton Patch Gospel is officially up and running.  We had a great crowd for opening night.  All reports back were very positive and the audience reaction was exuberant.

Traditionally we have rehearsed for 3 weeks for musicals like this.  This time around, the bad economy allowed us 2 weeks.  This is an intricate show and we had to work quickly to memorize everything.  We didn’t realize the demands of this show until after our two previews on Saturday.

I’m feeling the effects of the shorter rehearsal period.  Don’t get me wrong, I felt ready for opening, but I also know all of the little details that didn’t go the way I wanted.  The way my brain works, I could get 1000 things right, but if one thing goes wrong, that is what I dwell on.  I would suspect that most of us are like that.  It’s a feeling that either makes you grit your teeth and try to do better…or retreat.

My teeth are gritted.

I’m looking forward to getting back on Thursday to start the regular run.  The show will continue to grow stronger as we work together.  With the people we have in the cast, this show is destined to be something special.  We have all worked together before, much like our cast for Southern Crossroads, and we are all very tuned in to each other both as actors and musicians.

Can’t wait to see what happens.

[photo by Westervelt]

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