Write Round Baby

Now that the show is open, I’m planning to get back to work on a stage adaptation of a children’s book.  Since rehearsals are done for awhile, I am planning to write every day, which I should have been doing all along.

Not sure if it’s a one-act or a two-act show yet, but I’m getting close to what would be the end of the first act.  I’m a little stuck on how to get to the next beat, but I’m going to try to just splat something on the page and see what develops.

So hopefully I’ll write more words on that page than I wrote here!  That’s the plan.


One Response to Write Round Baby

  1. Peter says:

    For what it’s worth, I’m working at a children’s theatre (Imagination Stage)right now, on an original script. They want this 2 act play to come in at about 75 minutes. The previous show was a touch over an hour, also 2 acts. This way, they didn’t go beyond the kids’ attention spans, and could run it without intermission on school days (schools run on tight schedules) or with intermission on weekends (so the parents can buy their kids a cookie at the concession stand).

    But splat out them pages first, good man!

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