Car Music Project

Car Music Project - Tank BassA few weeks ago I had to put a chunk of cash into my car.  One of those little sensors that cost a bundle, but if it breaks the car doesn’t go vroom vroom.  The car has been very good to me, so all in all not a big deal.

It did make me remember something I found  on a while ago and thought it might be timely for this Music Monday.  The Car Music Project.

The Car Music Project was conceived in late 1991 by composer Bill Milbrodt (mil-brōt), when his personal car, a battered and road-weary 1982 Honda Accord, was nearing the end of its useful life.

Milbrodt explains, “It had endured close to 200,000 miles of road life with little mechanical maintenance and even less cosmetic attention. It would cost more to repair than it was worth and the poor thing had virtually no value as a trade-in…It was time to turn the car into music.”

What an amazing use for an old car.  There’s something very “Mike Mulligan And His Steamshovel” about it.  I’ve always been fascinated with found art, and this is one of the best and rustiest examples I’ve ever heard.


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