ER Series Finale Tonight

ER all the way back in Season One

This isn’t entirely a post about ER .  I haven’t watched the show since maybe 2002.  This is more a post about time passing.

I started watching ER when I still lived up in Appleton, Wisconsin.  I was a few years out of college and had just snagged my first full-time job working as the morning guy on WHBY-AM.  The job was great, but I still had a pretty strong itch to try a career in theater.  I decided to quit the job and move to Chicago to try and make a start.

When I moved down to Chicago, I was still watching ER.  It was nice to have that familiar ritual in place.

By the time I had moved on to Virginia, I was hardly watching any network TV at all, but it was kind of nice to know that ER was still chugging along.

The last new episode is tonight.  One small insignificant link to my past will fade.  I won’t be able to watch it because I do have that career in theater and I’ll be working, which is wonderful.  I don’t have TiVO and although I could record it on the antique Vide-o-taping Machine, I never watch those anyway.

So I guess it will slip away quietly as many things do.

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