Cotton Patch Gospel – Walk It Off

We had two packed houses on Saturday for our production of Cotton Patch Gospel. What a joy to do this show in front of so many people.

We gave them two very good shows, although we had a few musical mistakes toward the end of the matinee.  It wasn’t a total derailment, it’s just that we all had a few little brain burps that kept us from making the best music we could.

It’s hard not to get discouraged after those happen.  We’ve been at this for a few weeks now and it seems like it should be perfect by now.  PERFECT, I tell you.

But it will never be perfect.  It will never be the same show twice (thus articulating my grasp of the obvious).  If the goal is perfection, the result will be failure.  It’s an unreasonable goal, and in some ways a static goal.  There is some beauty in the imperfection of humanity.

Maybe the goal should be all about harnessing and channeling energy.  To smash together the knowledge in our brains with the electricity of the room.  The more of each there is, the bigger the explosion.

An accurate messiness.  That’s what I want.

Here’s the rub.  After the curtain goes down, it is really important to leave a performance’s disappointments in the past.

Yes, you have to reflect on the mistakes so you don’t make them again, but after that you have to put the last performance to sleep.  The next show should be a clean slate.  If you bring that stuff to the next performance you start on the wrong energy.

For me that’s the hardest thing to do.


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  1. Justine says:

    thanks for posting this particular entry on this particular day. xoxo – from a choir that needed to be preached to today! 🙂

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