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French Press Screen

Okay, I like coffee.  A lot.

I was at a restaurant with Someone In Particular a few weeks ago and they served coffee from a French Press.  I had forgotten how wonderful coffee tastes when prepared in a Press.

Basically, you just mix the coffee directly with the water and then plunge the coffee down to the bottom with a disc shaped screen.

Someone In Particular actually loaned me a Press a long time ago, so I made some coffee in it last week.  It was outstanding.  Maybe just in my mind, but it seemed so much better than drip.

As frequently happens, suddenly I’m hearing French Press reports from everywhere.  My feed reader yesterday had two entries dealing with the Press.

The first from my friend Steve:

The coffeemaker and I are still not seeing eye to eye. Thankfully, the French Press has stepped up to take its place, and I’m OK with that. As much of a technology snob as I can be, it’s always entertaining to see old tech show new tech a thing or two. [] click for some bonus SteveMusique

The other from Lifehacker:

I will drink to that.

[Photo: tsallam]

One Response to French Press

  1. Margaret Lewis says:

    Oh coffee. I love coffee. I have a poem titled “In Praise of Coffee” on my kitchen wall. Right above the cannister of coffee beans and my ancient French press. I don’t think they take much more work than dealing with an automatic drip, they don’t use any electricity, and they don’t break. And the coffee is delicious. I am sipping a steaming hot cup of joe right now, before I head off to teach a class, then back home to spend all night revising!

    Here’s hoping you and I can share a nice cup of coffee and a chat someday soon.

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