Music and Travel

Yesterday I did my stint as fiddler at The Civil Cricket.  A couple of weeks ago I brought in my Scottish fiddle book and started talking to a couple where the lady was from Scotland.  I had been there, so we spent some time talking about Scottish music and traditions.  A wonderful time and it was like being there.

So yesterday, I brought in some Irish fiddle tunes.  A different couple (at the same table as the Scottish couple) heard me tell somebody that I had been to Ireland and it turns out that they frequently travel to Ireland themselves.  Turns out that we had both been to Doolin and heard some amazing music there.  Again, it took me right back.

Next week, maybe I should only play Hawaiian fiddle tunes. Anybody know any?


One Response to Music and Travel

  1. Margaret Lewis says:

    There is something called the Hawaiian Art Violin, so there must be tunes for it, no?

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