Cotton Patch – Last Sunday

Steve, me and Bob in Cotton Patch (2009)

We ended this week of Cotton Patch Gospel performances on a high note (pun only mildly intended).

The show closes this coming Saturday, so indeed yesterday was our last Sunday performance.  In my view it was our strongest overall show to date.

The energy of the show seemed higher, but still with a good, controlled acceleration to the finish.  It felt like we hit all the moments with the proper weight and integrity.

Musically, our tempos were up a bit and we did have a little danger of losing control of it, but we seemed to keep it very well together.  Our harmonies were the strongest they’ve been.

Morgan MonroeIn addition, I have been playing a new mandolin – just got it this past week.  It is much easier to play than my previous mando and has opened up a whole new musical world that I didn’t know existed.

All of that made for a very good day yesterday.  We don’t take the stage again until Thursday, but I would love to be up there sooner.


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