A Final Hop

For the past several months I’ve been fiddling at The Civil Cricket once a week.  Today I’m doing my last day there.

Playing there has been a very special experience for me – more so than I expected.  It isn’t so much about the music.  I never play anything terribly exciting or complicated.  It’s about the people.

Maybe it’s the whole Piano Man thing.  People start talking to you.  Since I play quite a few Irish and Scottish tunes they like to talk about their travels.  They seem to go back there.

That shouldn’t surprise me.  Music has a unique way of transporting us to a different time and place.  Maybe because you can still enjoy it even when your eyes are closed.  And you can imagine.

I’ll miss it.  I hope to find another outlet like it in the future.

I’ve been all cagey about my future, but tomorrow I’ll write a bit about what’s coming up.


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