Cotton Patch – Closed. For Now.

So much is happening, but there’s no time to write about it.  Isn’t that always the way?

We closed Cotton Patch Gospel yesterday with two really strong shows.  The end of that show signified quite a few milestones.  It was the end of Wayside’s 47th season, it was the end of Warner’s 10th season as Artistic Director, it was the last show for our current intern company and it was my last Wayside show as a resident actor.

I think that covers all of the ends and lasts.  Now for some beginnings.

In a few weeks, we will take this production up to Totem Pole Playhouse.  Having that production to look forward to did help take away a little of yesterday’s melancholy

Of course a new intern company will arrive shortly and the 48th season will begin in earnest with Man of LaMancha.

But as they prepare for that, I will keep packing getting ready for my own next chapter.


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