And Hello Again Again

After a few months off, it’s time to return to the blog.  So hello again!

It was hard to get back in the swing of things.  The move from Virginia and from Wayside really threw me for a loop.  After being so firmly and comfortably established there, going somewhere else made me feel like a Freshman again.  I thought I was too old to feel like that.  Apparently not.

That said, I’m feeling fairly settled in to what will be my home for the summer.

Totem Pole PlayhouseI’m writing to you now from my temporary digs in Fayetteville, PA, where I’m working at Totem Pole Playhouse.  They are celebrating their 59th season of producing, so the theater has a very rich history.  This stage has seen the likes of Jean Stapleton, John Ritter and Mary Tyler Moore to name a few.

We are currently performing a remount of Wayside’s Cotton Patch Gospel, and it seems to be going over fairly well here…despite a few walkouts.

This is a modern-day retelling of the book of Matthew and some folks are just not ready to have their Gospel reinterpreted.  To some, what we are doing is sacrilegious.  I have some  strong feelings about that, but I think that may be for another post.

Anyway, it’s nice to be back in the blogsaddle again.  This time around I may not be posting every day.  That got to be a bit much.  I’ll try to come here when I actually have something to say.

And I’ll come here on Fridays.  So we can all dance.

See you tomorrow.

[Photo: Totem Pole Website]

2 Responses to And Hello Again Again

  1. RScott says:

    welcome back. I’ll try to keep up with your constant blogging, difficult as the previous tenant at my digs took Internet Access with him when he bolted…

  2. Lori Esenther says:


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