Loving Hating Hamlet

Oy.  It’s been hard to get the blog going again after taking some time off.  But here goes.

We are opening I Hate Hamlet tonight at Totem Pole Playhouse.  This is a delightful comedy.  A young TV actor’s series has been cancelled.  He’s given a chance to play Hamlet.  He rents the apartment that used to be occupied by the legendary actor John Barrymore.  After being “summoned”, the ghost of John Barrymore returns to coach the young actor to do this difficult role.

This show has been great fun as well as a huge challenge.  My character is a hyped up LA type who is trying to lure the young actor back to Hollywood.  I haven’t played a character like this for awhile and am having a difficult time finding his voice.  Maybe I should find that before we open.  Ya think?

Very excited to get this up and running.


One Response to Loving Hating Hamlet

  1. Dacia says:

    I hope I get to see you in I Hate Hamlet. I love the show. I played Dierdre myself. My dear friend Ryan played Gary. He portrayed him as a skeezy car salesmen type with an addiction to chapstick. Very creepy and very funny. I would love to see your version. I bet you’ll be very funny. When does it open? I love you and miss you dearly!!!

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