Website Update

October 28, 2009

I’m still here and still alive, but being offline at home has changed my e-life significantly.

Despite that, my acting website got an overhaul thanks to my big brother who just felt like playing around with it.  Thanks bro.

He’s also done a few sites for his automotive businesses and interests.  Have a gander at

New Website

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Oh Oh Vaio

February 12, 2009


My Vaio is beginning its long, slow goodbye.

Last week I noticed that my RAM was half of what it should be.  I hoped it might be a faulty chip.

It is not a faulty chip.

After a little chip swapping (not as dirty as it sounds) it’s clear that both chips are fine.  One of the slots isn’t working.  If I’m not mistaken, that’s basically a problem with the motherboard.

So, like it or not, it is time to go looking for a new laptop.

Here’s where I need Samuel L. Jackson to scream something about a “mother******’ board”.

But I don’t think he will.

[photo by trillich]

Goodbye Old Tech

January 8, 2009


My laptop’s dotage was made clear to me on the Microsoft website today.  For the past few years I have downloaded a spreadsheet calendar from the site, but it appears that Microsoft no longer builds templates for Excel 2002.

Okay yes, I have Excel 2002. That’s the year I bought my laptop.  A Sony Vaio.  It still works quite well even with the online heavy lifting it is asked to do.

The biggest problem?  It has a 14GB hard drive.  Geez, my sister just gave me a USB drive that has 16GB.  That means a cat could swallow more memory than my computer has.

Seven years isn’t really that old, is it?  If my computer were a human it would only be in the Second Grade.

I reluctantly concede that I may need a new Data Computing Machine.

[photo: ~.~ mypictography]

Ink Blot Award

December 7, 2008

inkblot1My friend, boss and blogfather Warner Crocker recently announced his Life on the Wicked Stage Inkblot Awards.  This is his fourth annual celebration of all things web.

This year, I made the list!

  • Best Theremin Playing Blogger on the Internet (and also a good dancer): Larry Dahlke

Funny!  Thanks for the nod, Warner.  Any other dancing, theremin playing bloggers want to challenge that assertion?  Bring it on.

A few other noteworthy entries:

  • The Jim Henson Comedy is Not Pretty and Puppets Don’t Have To Be Either Award: Loren Feldman
  • The I Got a Better Job Now I Can’t Be Fake Steve Anymore Award: Dan Lyons
  • Best I’m Glad This Guy Is Blogging Award: Roger Ebert
  • Best Liars in the Business: AT&T
  • Funniest Political Blogger I Read: Michael Markman
  • The Just Plain Wrong Award: Hello Kitty Rifle