Yuck vs. Yum

February 17, 2009

This may become a weekly segment, or it just may happen when I can’t think of anything else to say.

Think of a  Yuck, and find its corresponding Yum

yuck yum-sun

I’m open to suggestions.  Just please, don’t Yuck my Yum.

[Photo – gankaku]

GhostCat and CrazyBird – Part 2

February 11, 2009

Good news, everyone.  The cat (or cats) that may have been trapped in the basement seem to have found their way out.

For the last few weeks, I had been hearing a mewing cat but couldn’t find it.  I finally found it in the basement, which is no small feat, because I have what you might call a scary basement. Fortunately, I’m not squeamish about going down there, but maybe I should be.

The Way In

The Way In

Cat was in this cubbyhole - way back...

Cat was in this cubbyhole - way back...



I put out some food, laid a plank from the cubbyhole to the floor and left the door open for a short time (keeping an eye to make sure nothing else went down.)

It’s been a few days now, no more food has been eaten and no more mewing has been heard.  I think we liberated the cat.

The cardinal that is attacking my window, though?  Still attacking my window.

Keep hope alive, CrazyBird.  Keep hope alive.

Ghost Cat and Crazy Bird

February 4, 2009

For the past week, I have heard this yowling cat coming from…somewhere.  I listen very closely, but I can’t tell where it’s coming from.  Whenever I go outside to look for it, even if I proceed quietly, there is no hint of a cat anywhere.  No prints in the snow.  Silence.

I have looked in the basement, which is no small feat because I have a Scary Basement, but no cat.

Far less mysterious is the bird that is trying to get into the cabin through the closed kitchen window.  I’m not talking accidentally flying into a window once, I’m talking about a constant struggle to peck its way in.  Over and over and over.


Color enhanced a little so you can see it.

This year it’s a cardinal.  Last year it was a robin.  The year before a cardinal again.  Are they taking shifts?  Can birds have OCD?  What is going through their minds?

Hey, what’s that?  <smack> Hey, what’s that?  <smack> Hey, what’s that?  <smack>

I wonder if GhostCat will ever catch CrazyBird.  Perhaps only then will peace be restored.

UPDATE – I found GhostCat.  It is in the basement, but I can’t get to it.  Trying to lure it out with food.

Ink Blot Award

December 7, 2008

inkblot1My friend, boss and blogfather Warner Crocker recently announced his Life on the Wicked Stage Inkblot Awards.  This is his fourth annual celebration of all things web.

This year, I made the list!

  • Best Theremin Playing Blogger on the Internet (and also a good dancer): Larry Dahlke

Funny!  Thanks for the nod, Warner.  Any other dancing, theremin playing bloggers want to challenge that assertion?  Bring it on.

A few other noteworthy entries:

  • The Jim Henson Comedy is Not Pretty and Puppets Don’t Have To Be Either Award: Loren Feldman
  • The I Got a Better Job Now I Can’t Be Fake Steve Anymore Award: Dan Lyons
  • Best I’m Glad This Guy Is Blogging Award: Roger Ebert
  • Best Liars in the Business: AT&T
  • Funniest Political Blogger I Read: Michael Markman
  • The Just Plain Wrong Award: Hello Kitty Rifle

Exceptional Squirrel

November 13, 2008

Quick note about a squirrel I’m watching out the window by my desk.

The squirrels of course are in gathering mode right now, so they’re busy.  They all seem pretty much the same..except for one of them.

This one is a particularly good jumper.

I mean noticeably better than the others.  There’s a real style to the jump.  It starts from complete stillness, is suddenly quite aggressively airborne and then lands on the destination with another dead stop.

That’s pretty much the way they move, I know that, but for some reason this one seems to have a great deal of style and seems to be making a show of it.  There’s a beauty to the motion that the other squirrels don’t have.

Do you think this squirrel may be considered exceptional by its peers?

Or perhaps do you think that maybe I need to get out more?

Happy Merry Christmoween

November 2, 2008

Every year the stores put up Christmas earlier and earlier.  It is called “Christmas Creep”.  We used to wait until after Thanksgiving. Well, here it is just past Halloween and the Christmas stuff is up.

Everybody seems to complain about it, but it must work.  The stores wouldn’t do it if people didn’t buy.

Why fight it?  We should now celebrate…Christmoween.

photo: The Consumerist

Lost The Election

November 1, 2008

I am so sorry…

Click to watch the video

Click image to watch the video

Funny stuff.  You can even make your own.

ADDENDUM: Thank you to Jim for sending me this.  The e-mail doesn’t give a last name, but I’ll bet it’s this Jim.