Friday Dance Party 31 – Summer Dance

July 10, 2009

Another week.  Another Friday.  Another reason to dance!  Today’s Dance Party is pretty much how all of my boat parties turn out.

You Tube – Summer Dance

The artist is Lee Jung Hyun from Korea, but she also goes by Ava.

You don’t suppose she’s using this video to launch the cyber attacks, do you?


Friday Dance Party 28 – Happy Day

June 5, 2009

If there was anything I really missed about blogging it was inflicting the Friday Dance Party on the world.

Well, I’m back.  It’s Friday.  And we’re dancing.

I think we’re going to add this number to our current production of Cotton Patch Gospel.  Don’t tell Warner and Steve.  We want it to be a surprise.

DMT – Happy Day

DMT stands for Dream Mission Team.  You can learn more if you visit and happen to understand Korean.